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Download Damayanti: She Who Spurned The Gods… All For Love Of Nala by Shivdutt Sharma PDF

By Shivdutt Sharma

the story of Nala and Damayanti is a fancy mythological romance that predates the epic Mahabharata. Narrated through the sage Vrihadaswa within the Vana Parva (Book of the woodland) of this epic, it has woven a mystical spell on readers down the a while with its narration of: Golden-winged, celestial swans… Shape-shifting gods vying with people to wed the main attractive girl ever... Demons loading the cube to damage a union blessed by means of the very gods... A serpent’s venom remodeling a king right into a misshapen dwarf… fans pushed aside, and later reunited, via an remarkable moment swayamvar (self-choice of a husband) through a popular princess, in Indian history.

It’s considered as the best love tale ever advised and retold down the a long time in virtually each neighborhood language of India. Historians, Poets and Dramatists across the world have waxed eloquent in regards to the love of Nala and Damayanti:

“His options have been with a face his goals had seen
Diviner than the jasmine’s moon-flaked glow,
He listened to a reputation his desires had learned
Sweeter than the fervour of a crooning bird.”

- Sri Aurobindo, the story of Nala (incomplete)

‘Suddenly, in human language, the swan spoke: “Damayanti, in Nishadha, dwells the noble king – just like the Ashwins in good looks, peerless between males is he”…’

Reverend Henry Hart Milman – Historian, Poet and Dramatist

“The tale of Nala and Damayanti is among the most pretty tales within the world…”

- Norman N. Penzer, Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, London

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